1. Buying a Bougainvillea

When you buy a Bougainvillea in the spring season it is advised not to repot it immediately,since this
may cause problems to the roots.

2. Placing

The ideal place for a Bougainvillea is a sunny, rather shielded place on your terrace or balcony.It is
recommended to take the Bougainvillea inside during frosty nights.

3. Watering

A Bougainvillea standing outside absorbs water depending on the weather conditions. Especially with
sunny weather the need for water should be checked daily. If you keep the plant somewhat dryer it will
flourish more richly.
Take care that the superfluous water can escape from the pot --- a Bougainvillea hates "wet feet".
Besides water a Bougainvillea also needs fertilizer once every fortnight. You can use slow-releasing
fertilizer which is available at your garden center.

4. Diseases and Infections

The Bougainvillea is not very sensitive to insects. Sometimes, it may be affected by the green or black
fly. This can be fought using soap-spirit: take 20 ml fluid soap and 10 ml white spirit in 1 liter water,
spray the plant every five days until the plant-louse has disappeared. You can also ask your garden center for advice.

5. Seasonal growth

After you have bought your Bougainvillea, it may still loose some of its leaves,even if you didn't repot
it (of course).This may have different causes. Bougainvillea's are sensitive to environmental changes
during transport and staying in dark environments for long periods of time.Do not worry, the flowers
will return, often even richer than before.
The Bougainvillea will flower richly during the summer season, often until September/October.
Watering shall be reduced when the sun is shining less. This has a good effect on preparing the root
system for the winter season.

Your Bougainvillea can be kept during the winter season at a light spot at temperatures between 5 to 10
degrees C. Make sure the roots will not be too wet or too dry. During the winter months the plant may
lose its leaves, which is normal. This is also the season for pruning the plant to its desired shape, and to
repot it to a larger pot as you may like to do.
Be aware that the Bougainvillea flourishes later in the second year. This can be influenced (to some
extent) by giving it less water and fertilizing it appropriately.

We hope you will enjoy your Bougainvillea and we will keep you informed with useful information at this site.

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